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Spanning Across 435+ Practice Areas, 185+ Geographies, 80+ Industries



World's #1 Platform + Provider

Innovative sales acceleration campaigns that led to faster revenues, sign ups, new funds and customer loyalty. 

Routine Checkup

Online Health 

World's 1st Platform For OB&G

Product launch with field, outbound and inbound coverage penetrating large hospitals & decision makers within 90-days timeframe.

Slot machines_edited.jpg

Gambling Tech

Tech Solutions For MSPs 

Successfully sold technological solutions that facilitate gambling online and in offline establishments.

Packed Lunch

Recipe Box 

Corporates | Subscription-Based 

Target & sign up companies for meal kit delivery services with pre-measured ingredients and recipe cards high on nutrition & PEMD. 

Home Theater Family

OTT Platforms

Subscription-Based | D2C, Corp

Offering end-to-end live TV and video on demand OTT streaming platform for carriers, DTH service providers, media & broadcasters.

Grocery Shopping with Mask


World's #1 eCommerce + Vertical

Community, vendor, category plus sales acceleration through massive outbound call management.

Playing Video Game

Online Gaming

Game Development + US UK Markets

From concept to creation, understanding client needs based on demography, creativity etc., 

Online Music Lesson

Kids Hobby Classes

Subscription-Based | MSPs

Services that provides families with access to children's activities like sports, music classes, camps, and intellectual assignments.

Bag of Groceries

B2C Grocery Delivery

#1 Provider + Scale Operations

Both  online and offline promos, adding new customers based on locations, new services etc., 

Working from Home

Remote Work Tools

App + Subscription + Corporates

Offering cloud-based communication, appraisal, okr and productivity tools for remote workers.

Protein Products

Nutrition Stores

Online Platform + Physical Stores

Online platform & physical stores offering nutrition kits, vitamins, supplements, natural medicine, probiotics etc., 

Staying Fit

At Home Fitness

App + Subscription Based + MSPs

app-based platform  for  streaming  fitness  classes, ecommerce and custom courses. 

Typing on a Computer


Products + Services + Consulting

Network security, threat intelligence and managed services sell.

Network Hub and Cable

Enterprise Networking

Products + Providers

LAN based networking products, suite of analogue and mixed signal IC's, high performance computing sell. 

Virtual Reality Goggles


Retail, Health, Education, Real Estate

New client signups based on specific industrial applications within 3 months of start.

Designer On Computer

Freelancer Platforms

Best, Known, Acquired

Job, Resources, Skill, Revenue Generation through specialized marketing and sales strategies.

Online Tutorial

Online Courses

Online Learning Platform + Geo Wise

Offering structured live courses for students, professionals through Tier-1 Institutes. 

Online Class

Online Events

Virtual Events Platform + MSPs

Platform to manage and host online events for corporates, universities and startups/Individuals.

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Online Personalized Platform

Offering live tutoring with two-way interaction via whiteboard, audio, and video. 

Hotline Consultant

IT Operations

Platform + Providers

IT operational intelligence platform and products offering log and real time anomaly detection solution sell. 

Data Cloud


IAAS + PAAS Providers

AWS & Azure sell leading to multi million dollar wins including firms that were new players. 

Computer Programming

Big Data 

Consulting + Proof-Of-Concept 

Execution at Banks and Manufacturing sites. 

Server Installation



Application, server, network, VM management and monitoring including hypervisor offerings.