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Together We Reach The Goal

Develop skills, Maximize potential, Achieve competence, Be readily employable

Uppocamp is an endeavour to prepare fresh graduates for a world of opportunities by imparting industry-specific knowledge and skills - A honest & sincere initiative to address the growing challenge of skill development and employability across sectors.


Our programs constitute theoretical learning including extensive soft & behavioural skills training, focusing on communication, team working, leadership, effectiveness, business acumen skills and more to empower the fresh graduates to excel in their respective domains.


This knowledge can be effectively used and implemented in real life and at work to achieve desired results. 



A McKinsey report finds that only 25% of the engineers, 15% of finance graduates and less than 10% of other graduates are employable out of the graduates who pass out of the colleges. It has also been reported that only 3.5% of India’s population graduates. If 90% of the graduates are unemployable, it means that barely 0.5% of India’s population comprises employable graduates! The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) puts the need for skilled hands in India at 530 million. With globalisation being a reality and foreign investments in India on the rise, the gap between the academia and corporates is increasing steadily.

We laser focus on making you readily employable. All that needs to be done to achieve that goal is what our ultimate assignment is going to be!


Soft skills, Practical application of the technical kow-how, becoming mentally tough is what you will master with Uppocamp.

Our Programs

Soft Skills:


  • Positive Attitude

  • Communication

  • Self-confidence and enthusiasm

  • Finding your Passion

  • Art of public speaking

  • Presentations

  • Relationships 

  • Conflict Resolutions

  • Etiquettes 

  • Managing Career

  • Time Management 

  • Build leadership qualities

Practical Applications:


  • Computer Fluency

  • Excel, Word, Presentations Fluency

  • Group Presentations

  • Working with Calendar

  • Accepting/offering Feedback

  • Stress Busters

  • Continous Learning

  • Cultivate winning Habits

Becoming Mentally Tough:


  • Inspiring Stories 

  • Anecdotes

  • Famous Business Turnarounds

  • Success & Failure - An Opportunity

  • Handling Success & Failure

  • Career Roadmap Execution

  • Managing Productivity

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