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Taking Products to Market Made Simple

Whether Bootstrapped or Funded get your MVP marketed. Get customer feedback, boost & drive adoption.
Product-Market fitment feedback, sales guaranteed.

“Sri is an excellent, proactive, articulate, and knowledgable marketing consultant, and we would use him again.”  


— Joe Wolff, Founder/CTO, eRacks Open Source Systems

"We have established a good relationship with their very dynamic and efficient team. In these last months Entando changed its  Businees Model and their team promptly responds to our new requirements."


— Rinaldo Bonazzo, Product Specialist, Entando


Strategy - 


  • Market Problems

  • Market Definition

  • Win/Loss Analysis

  • Distribution Strategy

  • Distinctive Competence 

  • Pricing, Product Profitability

Marcom -


  • Positioning

  • Buying Process

  • Buyer/User Personas

  • Customer Acquisition/Retention

  • Effectiveness

Inbound & Outbound Messaging -


  • Deep dive discussions with Tech team - Product Roadmap, Competitive landscape, Innovation etc., 

  • 19+ Marketing Channels = Sales Acceleration.


Unlock value, market, dive customer adoption, deliver new features. Succeed. 

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