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Winning Pricing - Top e-Commerce Video Marketing Websites


Recently, there has been a rise in online content absorption. Be it e-commerce websites, education platforms, or online workplace platforms. Each platform has its own pricing structure. New start-ups in this area may find it difficult to choose the pricing structure suitable for their organisation and financial goals.

Problems and implications:

Though e-commerce, educational platforms, and other online platforms have thrived these past few years, customers and owners still find the offline experience much more comfortable.

1. Customer engagement: Online platforms display contents for the customers to choose to consume. It is one-way communication and no interaction takes place. However, offline establishments not only provide the content or products but also interact with the customer to find the right, suitable content/product for the customer.

2. Personalized experience: Online websites display the same information regardless of the user. Hence, every user gets the same details. However, offline establishments personalize the customer's experience by suggesting some products/contents only relevant to the specific customers’ tastes.

3. Group experience: Online platforms are designed to cater to one customer at a time. This is not the case in offline establishments. A single salesperson can interact with many people and suggest products relevant to all their tastes.

Need pay-off:

Following table illustrates the pricing model followed by top e-commerce video marketing websites.

From the above table it is clear that most companies have a subscription based pricing where customers pay a fixed amount per month for the services used.

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