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Vakilsearch – Top Legal solutions provider in India


In India, legal procedures related to setting-up of business, compliance consultation, financial services, property setup etc, is complex and time consuming especially for a common man. Such procedures are difficult for common people and require professional help in availing the service.

Problems and implications:

Following problems are faced by common man while registering or availing legal solutions.

  1. Complexity:

Due to the nature of the legal services and the inherent issues in Indian legal system, many legal procedures require various steps, large number of details and require the individual to get to know technical terms. Based on the business type, location and various other factors, the procedures also change.

  1. Time:

Due to the nature of complexity and the quantity of information to be provided, various legal procedures in India are time consuming.

  1. Cost:

Various legal procedures incur costs, such as income tax etc. A common man may not have enough knowledge or experience in reducing the income tax even though he may have met the criteria for deductions.


Need pay-off:

Vakilsearch is a legal solutions provider that supports businesses of various size in legal compliance and legal protection. The unique features offered by the platform are as follows:

  1. Various services:

Vakilsearch is a one-stop platform for legal services, tax related services, and compliance services. The platform provides lawyers, chartered accountants, or company secretary as per customer requirement. 

  1. Quick procedure:

Due to Vakilsearch’s experience and internal legal consultants, their services help individuals and businesses to complete the legal procedures quickly and efficiently. From taxes to licence applications, procedures are done hassle-free. 

  1. Easy User interface:

Vakilsearch platform has a simple user interface and leverages their internal legal professionals  to provide 24 hrs supports for various legal queries.

In India, to live and earn, from businesses to individuals, various licence, legal documents are required. Vakilsearch aims to reduce the burden of individuals by leveraging technology and existing skillsets in India.

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