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Tally solutions – Business management software provider


With the increase in the customer reach, even for a small business, managing it has become complicated due to the inclusion of various factors and parameters. Business management software come into picture here as they can improve the company’s sales by a huge margin through automating each task with the help of software.

Problems and implications:

Below are some of the problems faced by small businesses:

  • Time consumption: Most of the tasks to be done are repetitive and therefore time is consumed at a higher proportion of inefficiently. Manual tracking, monitoring, and analysis of the business take a long time due to the multitude of tasks to be completed by a fixed number of people.

  • Resources required: As the number of tasks to be completed increases, more resources are required in terms of humans and also finance. Without a proper plan, the outflow of the resources becomes unstable.

  • Management of functions: As the business scale increases, so are the departments and groups in the company. Therefore, controlling, assigning the tasks and projects taking place at all the departments becomes complicated.

  • Security: In this digital age, there is always a risk of a company getting hacked either for their ideas or money.

  • Productivity: All the above problems, in the end, affect the sales of the company and the company’s performance in the long run.

Need pay-offs:

Following are the features of the business management software provided by companies like tallysolutions etc. for the pre-mentioned problems:

  • Project and task management: Through software such as tally, Scoro projects, and tasks of the company would be planned, managed and collaborate and expenses and time would be tracked in real-time.

  • Time management and calendar: Features like reminders, alerts based on tasks, automation of repeatable tasks help in reducing time.

  • Document sharing and collaboration: Software like Zoho one provide a platform for documents storage and sharing with employers, team chats, online meetings to improve the collaboration of people in the company.

  • Sale and CRM: Solutions like ConnectWise organize client relationships in a single system to help the company manage them with efficiency, accountability and therefore sees to it that no opportunities are untracked and the information is always attainable.

  • Budget, invoice, inventory and expense management: Features like Multilanguage invoices, automated billing, multi-location inventory management, item lookup and retrieval, purchase orders, estimation of budget automate the long process of budget preparation and invoices.

  • Resource management: Software like Microsoft Dynamics GP through analysis of the tasks to be performed, projects to be done and the skill level of people, manage HR and payroll.

  • Security: Software like 1CRM provide safe storage and access to business data.

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