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Stellaps Technologies – Farm optimization and monitoring support solutions


Dairy products are one of the most important commodities in everyday life. Therefore, their availability, quality, quantity, sales are important factors for common people as well. With the rise in the application of technologies such as AI, IoT and Deep learning in core sectors for optimization, it is high time for their inclusion in the dairy sector.

Problems and implications:

Some of the major problems faced in the supply chain management of Dairy sectors are as follows:

  • Healthcare: Milk being the main raw material of the industry, it is important to maintain proper health of the cows in order to have a constant supply of quality milk. Due to fluctuating weather conditions, the isolated geographical location of the farm, it becomes rather difficult to provide proper medical care for any ill animals.

  • Management of procurement centers: Due to lack of manpower, isolated geographical location and lack of skill among the workers, management of milk procurement and sales becomes rather complicated. Moreover, since most of the workers lack proper education, it becomes rather difficult to manage the whole business by themselves.

  • Storage and transportation: Milk being one of the most used commodity with a daily requirement of over for a single family, it is very important to have a timely transportation of milk to various locations. Both for the sake of milk and other dairy products like butter, better storage facilities are required since they have a susceptibility to decay.

  • Quality checks: Dairy products being very sensitive to temperatures and humidity conditions, it is therefore very important to have proper quality checkups throughout the production and transportation process at every stage. Due to a lack of finance in this sector, and unskilled workers, maintaining the quality of the products becomes rather difficult.

Need pay-offs:

Start-ups like Stellaps technologies provide the following solutions for the above-mentioned problems:

  • Milk production applications: Features like activity meter for real-time monitoring of livestock to enable artificial insemination based on heat detection and real-time notifications and alerts to para-vets, IoT based herd management to acquire real-time data of the farm from any geological location, cloud-based milk meter for preventive health care and milk quality monitoring etc. help to automate small dairy farms.

  • Milk procurement application: Through features like advanced analytics, MIS integration enabled real-time acquisition and dissemination of milk procurement data, a remote monitoring system for collection of data, portable system for door-to-door milk collection etc. improve the procurement efficiency through technology-based solutions.

  • Cold chain management application: Through features like web-based real-time monitoring and reporting systems for cooers, silos and cold rooms, IoT based BMC remote monitoring system and data logger, real-time monitoring system for power supply, real-time monitoring and control of compressors, Milk lifting schedule adherence and compliance detection etc. dairy farmers can achieve premium milk production with accurate quality.

  • Farmer wallet application: Features like real-time payments at the point-of-purchase of milk help farmers to enjoy discounts and cost benefits, ease out the money collection process for crop purchase etc.

  • Cattle insurance application: Features like the real-time view of animal health, accurate health, mortality and yield estimates, integration of the same with existing insurance settlement and claims make sure that farmers only pay specific animal and context-based insurance premiums.


By leveraging the latest technology in the Dairy industry, both the farmers and customers can attain positives out of it.

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