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Role of CEOs and COOs in Ensuring Healthcare Excellence


Healthcare industry is rapidly growing with all eyes on new technology and drug development. Through increased fundings and technology development, the domain has steadily maintained its importance and interest.

Problems and implications:

Following problems are faced by healthcare domain in these recent times.


Due to the complexity and sensitivity of the features/processes, healthcare industry requires more funding compared to other domains. Many industries, startups, institutions in this domain don’t receive the required funding from investors and government.


Research and development happenings in healthcare is not advertised well and general public is very behind on the improvements and new technologies in the domain. Due to the complexity and sensitivity of information in the industry, it is difficult to share the information.


There have been rare occasions where top officials in the healthcare industry come together and discuss solutions. Such discussions are however common in other domains.

Need pay-off:

Participation and attendance of officials in higher management like CEO, COO’s in Healthcare summits and award ceremonies would push public and corporates interest towards healthcare, research, and upcoming technologies coming up in the industry.

Increase in awareness:

With participation of CEOs and COOs of companies and institutions, not only will those who work in the industry be interested but also the general public will have a keen eye on the happenings in such summits and award shows.

Such individuals help market the events and the domain in the eye of public with their participation.

More funding:

As participation of higher management individuals increase, so will the funding to various healthcare technologies and research will increase.

Growth in interest:

Other than the fact that top officials in the industry are participating in such events, felicitation of awards from them for innovations and hard-work will encourage those in the healthcare field to do more.

From innovations to passion, awards to provide additional encouragement and push to individuals to do more in their field.

From funding to spreading of awareness, participation of individuals of top-tier level of business in healthcare summits and awards will help grow healthcare industries.

Consistent participation and future arrangements of such summits will also bring a bigger change.

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