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Healthcare Excellence

Updated: Sep 6, 2022


In current world scenario, healthcare is one of those sectors which is rapidly growing,

is in need but doesn’t have enough manpower, skilled workers etc. A domain with a

lot of capability but less people/manpower to work on it.

However, by leveraging technology, various institutions and industries are making a


Problems and implications:

Following problems are faced by healthcare domain in these recent times.

1. Manpower:

In few countries, especially India, we have a low doctor to patient ratio.

Hence, each doctor is overworked which may affect his/her productivity and


2. Medical device availability:

Medical devices have been usually produced by large corporations in fixed

locations. Hence, ordering, processing and shipping of such devices takes time

and isn’t therefore available all the time especially during emergencies.

3. Availability of personnel:

Customer satisfaction is a requirement in service industry and in healthcare,

due to the low number of skilled workers, not every customer is able to avail

the service and when and where they require it.


Need pay-off:

Big corporations as well as various small start-ups are trying to bring up healthcare


1. Medical Device Research:

Various new start-ups have launched in the field of medical device research

where the focus is on providing efficient, affordable and quality devices which

can be manufactured anywhere with sustainable raw materials. In countries

like India, such startups have pushed ‘Made in India’ motto by working on

producing India based medical devices.

2. Medical Supplies Applications:

Through leveraging technology, various new applications have been launched

to track and order various medical supplies. Such applications make the

product affordable and available at all time especially in need during


3. Personnel Management:

Various research in robotics, AI and machine learning, technology has paved a

way to automate various processes in healthcare systems. These tasks can now

be taken care by systems and medical personnel's can focus more on other

important tasks.

There are also other applications which help patients/customers to directly

book appointment online without the need to travel and without the need to

disturb the medical professional.

With rise in various diseases around the world, healthcare is one domain that needs

to be updated, adaptive and prepared for the worse situations. Through technology

and funding initiatives from local government, healthcare can grow and excel more.

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