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Leadengine Helps Vibrant Work App Ink Strategic Partnership with IvyCamp Ventures

Business Standard | ANI | April 21, 2017

India's first unified technology based platform for startups IvyCamp has announced their partnership with leading corporates to offer the startups on its platform, complimentary and discounted packages for solutions that include technology credits, marketing, accounting, communication, and productivity solutions.

Start ups on IvyCamp platform can now access world-class products and services from Amazon Web Services, IBM, mGage India, Exotel, CMO Axis, Instamojo, Profit Books, Ozonetel, DigitalOcean and Vibrant App.

This initiative is another significant offering from IvyCamp in its ongoing effort to support early stage startups to cultivate and foster innovation, support IP generation, and help transform innovative ideas into commercial value that will influence the economy and technical progress.

"The platform has generated a lot of interest from corporates looking to engage with startups and from startups on our platform, alike. This mutual win-win is opening doors to more engagement. For early stage startups on our platform to get access to technology, communication and marketing services at complimentary and/or discounted rates is invaluable help in being able to scale up," said President IvyCamp, Anju Gupta.

"The technology startup sector in India has exploded in the past few years, and our goal is to fuel this growth and support the innovation landscape. We simplify the complexities of infrastructure for developers so they can spend time on things that matter, like making great products. Partnerships like this give us an opportunity to reach out to a large base of start-ups and to enable entrepreneurs to chase their dreams because they don't have to worry about infrastructure overheads," said India Country Manager DigitalOcean, Prabhakar Jayakumar.

"About 47 million small and micro businesses are still looking for a payment solution that can meet their needs. Instamojo is filling the gap in the market with its offerings across mobile and web. One can get started in two minutes and start creating payment links to collect money from their customers online via any desired media - including WhatsApp, social media and SMS. We have more than 250,000 sellers with us today and hope to keep expanding our family. A partnership like this one helps us take a big step in that direction," said Partnership Head InstaMojo, Devika Nagarkar.

Earlier, IvyCamp's RIOT three competition enabled emerging technology startups to connect with corporates for potential orders, synergy, acquisition, acqui-hiring, funding and the likes.

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