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Quality Leads

In many businesses the marketing department will generate leads and funnel them over to the sales team for follow-up and prospecting, and a share of them will become opportunities and clients. If you are in front of a lead generation dry spell this will be a good course of action.

However, if you have many leads flowing in at the top of the pipe, you may feed your sales team with a lot of low quality leads that end up consuming their time. While your sales heros may want to hoard a lot of leads, one must remember something like this:

"You can close more deals with fewer, high quality leads. Move along! These are not the leads you are looking for. " And your sales guys move along, calling fewer leads and capturing more business!

The reality is few, high quality leads (i.e. sales ready leads) will help sales team be more productive as they will have more approximate conversations and in general be able to help clear problems faced by their leads and prospects/ future customers.

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Few Ways To Generate Good Quality Leads:

1. Using Qualifiable Questions: A question around decision making time frame can help a sales rep prioritize when to follow-up on a lead, or decide to punt the lead off to marketing for further nurturing till they are ready to buy. Short forms are great for converting. Adding an extra question or two to the list that helps qualify them for your team can make a world of a difference.

2. Score Your Leads: Lead scoring is an intellectual way to use the data from your forms to assign points to each lead on some scale. Higher the grade the quality the lead. e.g. To your company if B2B leads are more vital, your should ask for that information from your leads on your forms and score the B2B leads higher than the B2C leads. Sending only the B2B leads get to your sales team ensures they have conversations with appropriate leads and saves them time and work.

3. Split Your Lead Funnel: Most businesses track their leads in a simple lead funnel. By moving leads with less success rates to other buckets we ensure our sales reps can focus on "inbound funnel" bucket that gets the most clients, maximizing their input. At the same time we run few experiments to see if we can get clients from our other buckets.

Tip: Low quality talks about the quality and completeness of information for the lead , not the specific people.

4. Nurture Your Leads: There is no such thing as a bad lead. Sometimes people give bad metadata and those prospects cannot be used. But organizations should think of leads as sales ready, or not. Marketing teams should use automation to bring out leads that are not sales ready and route them back in a separate lead nurturing funnel and continue.

Not ready sales leads are to be sent to the nurture funnel so marketing can continue to have conversations with them till they are ready to buy.

These steps help improve productivity from your best leads and keeps your sales team highly working.

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