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Brand Marketing - Transform to Create New Capabilities & Possibilities

Each wave of marketing innovation creates new capabilities and possibilities for interacting with audiences, the same tide also brings a longer and more complicated list of expectations for proving the impact on the business. And nowhere is this paradox better illustrated than in the world of performance measurement.

Once upon a time, CMOs could easily divide their activities into two camps: those that could be clearly linked to the bottom line, and those that could not. In the measureable camp were direct-response campaigns, and in the intangible camp was everything else—including brand marketing.

But as the availability of granular user-level data increased, and new marketing measurement tools arose to analyse and utilise this information, the landscape changed. The more insights these advanced analytics platforms were able to provide about the impact of direct marketing efforts, the more others in the C-Suite—namely chief executives and financial officers—began to request a similar level of accountability for brand marketing campaigns.

So what can CMOs do to prove the value of their branding efforts to their C-level colleagues? While conventional measurement methods, such as brand surveys and reach analysis, may serve as good proxies for awareness, they do little when it comes to understanding consideration and purchase intent.

An engagement score, on the other hand, offers a much better way to understand future behaviours such as intention to buy. Based on actual user interactions with a brand, an engagement score offers new levels of brand marketing accountability by enabling marketers to quantify the impact of their branding efforts.

Identifying Key Brand Engagement Activities through brand-building campaigns do inspire specific behaviours that can be measured.

Engagement actions such as first-time website visits, video views, content downloads, and inbound inquiries are all strong indicators that a marketing message has sparked consumer interest.

BICS underwent a complete re-branding strategy through Leadengine to welcome next phase of the growth - Jumping S-curve! Re-branding activity involved more than 70+ items to be transformed in 30-days timeframe. New Trademark, Logo, Domain, Videos, Standees, Signages, PR Kits, Web, Mobile Site, Signatures, Complimentary gifts etc.,

Meet BICS Mobile Site

Leadengine's UI/UX capabilities helped BICS in strategizing and delivering a Mobile Site for increased Usability taking the Prospects and Clients through an amazing User Experience (UX).

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