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Cultivating the Customer: Finding Strategic Competitive Advantage

This is the world of the new consumer. If you want to sell someone something, you have entice, seduce, and tempt them through all the available channels for them to pay attention to your offer. With the power shifting from companies to the people, brands must approach selling very differently.

At the core of this change is cultivating the customer.

That basically means taking those who show interest in your brand and nurturing them until they are persuaded and ready to buy. This is the battlefield where brands win or lose. Can they engage and hold their prospects’ attention long enough?

Can they produce a consistently compelling stream of content that stands out? Can they capture enough behavioral data on their prospects and customers to know what to do when?

Cultivation has become a complex business--a stew of science and technology that enables brands to know more, faster, and at a much higher bar for the creativity required to differentiate a brand from the competitive noise.

For Greymason, we ran six weeks of targeted campaign focusing our efforts on India and South East Asia geography where we helped Lister Technologies in building a custom list, content creation, reaching out to the C-level executives in Cement Companies consciously taking a top bottom approach to unearth new opportunities.

During the process, we heard from multiple CEOs, CMOs, VP Marketing titles leading us to their teams for evaluation of the Greymason and also searching for that one strategic competitive advantage through the adoption of a game changing service that kicks off company wide digitization making them agile and diligent to win new clients and revenues.

Leadengine's campaign led to multiple new interests and a proposal opportunity.

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