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The power of Segmentation: Get closer to your Customers

In today’s ultra-connected world, every individual is potentially exposed to numerous points of contact with a brand.

To create a meaningful interaction with consumers over time, it is imperative for brands to weave together the various connections with their consumers, and offer an outstanding experience that is always relevant based on their needs.

It is, therefore, Brands and companies offering products or services should have a laser focus on Segmentation for delivering the right message at the right time.

Segmentation is the first step towards highly optimised marketing.

A visitor segment is a group of consumers sharing similar characteristics or similar needs, or who react to similar brand interactions. The point of segmentation is to hone in on market segments to offer consumers the product or service best adapted to their needs, whether those needs are known or supposed. It’s a vital ally when creating the most relevant targets for a brand.

Segmentation is an amazing concept and if leveraged properly can help in perfect positioning of the product or service offerings, understand their brands’ customers very well , and create a great relationship with them.

The rise of Social networking platforms like LinkedIn, digital analytics tools has given marketers an edge, enabling them to zoom in on a specific demography, title, age group, particularity, attribute, or behaviour, and help a great deal in selling better through unique personalised communications.

Through segmentation, enterprises can effectively identify the top 20% of their customers that contribute to 80% of the revenue. To retain them and win their loyalty, the right kind of messaging can be tailored and delivered at the right time.

Segmentation through community building in Social Networking Platforms like LinkedIn gives brands highly powerful competitive advantage by identifying customers and retain them through multiple customer delight inititaives and by providing splendid customer service.

Here is a very successful Case Study of a Luxury Asset Lender based out of South California having a laser focus in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange etc., wanted to target High Net Worth (HNI's) Individuals for offering short term cash loans upto 10 M USD based on the appraisal of the owned Luxury goods and assets. Leadengines' subject matter experts along with their Subsidiaries marketing team recommended LinkedIn marketing strategy to segment the HNI's and executed the same by reaching out to more than 5000 connections and created a specific community to get the Luxury Asset Lender's brand recognized and appreciated eventually making the brand become closer to their customers.

The future of Brands' reputation and top of the mind recall by their customers lies in the brand’s ability to constantly evolve and develop deeper relationships with their customers' offering services that is of high value and exceed expectations.

If you have a specialized Product or a Service that needs to be sold to specific demographics, you could try us and we will ensure that you get there and have long term clients as a result of our assignment.

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