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Its begun: Next most powerful roles will be dominated by women

On one analyst’s recent list of top-10 CMOs in Silicon Valley, six were women.

While I have become accustomed to seeing the revolution in marketing and the role women have been playing, I was struck by just how many marketing executives are women.

During the Marketo customer summit last month, Hillary Clinton spoke about the importance of women attaining leadership roles in technology to an audience of 6,000, of which about 70% were women.

As a Owner and Investor in Start-Ups, I have long admired the impact of Women Executives such as Sue Bostrom, former CMO of Cisco, Angie Hicks, founder and CMO of Angie’s List, and Gail Ennis, former CMO of Omniture.

Brands need to have more women in senior leadership roles as boardrooms with a good gender balance lead to better outcomes for consumers.

Carol Potter, Edelman’s executive vice chairman for Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa says, "It’s not necessarily about being a woman, it’s about these so-called feminine values".

Potter fruther adds, "How do we manage our brands and companies with this kind of information, and how do we as women help other women get into those leadership positions? Because they can spread those feminine traits, let’s be honest, and it’s proven that companies are more successful as a result."

The statistics are compelling. According to a report carried out by nonprofit organisation Catalyst, companies with the highest percentage of women on their boards outperform those with the lowest by 42 per cent on return on sales, 53 per cent on return on equity, and 66 per cent on return on capital investment.

Here is a Case Study of Lena Benjamin, Event producer in the UK who needed Leadengines' help for their upcoming event, Empowering Women Summit 2015, which was scheduled on Wednesday 18 November, 1.30-5.30 PM, Royal Institution – London UK. The Focus of this Summit was ‘Technology’ and ‘Entrepreneurialism’. Senior Women leaders in the industry spoke about the use of Technology in an Enterprising & Innovative Way.

Leadengine was hired for creating awareness amongst the female executives throughout London, selling sponsorships, ad space, tickets, PR etc.,

Leadengine's Subject Matter Experts including Analyst and Marketing team reached out to all Startup associations in the UK, Women Networks, Fortune companies, Tech giants, Women Communities on LinkedIn, Social Media platforms etc., to spread the message and to create demand for attendance, sponsorships and leveraged multiple sites as a affiliate to get the message across faster. Eventbrite was used as a ticketing engine and landing pages on worspress site including SEO advisory got a lot of eye-balls needed to get the ball rolling and to ensure success of the event.

If you are a Event Producer or you need help in scheduling one and making it a huge success, you know wom to contact now! :)

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