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Marketing's New Secret Weapon: PR

In ancient times, say, 2005, once a marketing campaign was finalized, marketing execs would call on PR to knock out a press release and conduct some other tactical efforts to get the message out.

But in the past several years—with Business Owners putting more of a premium on earned media— Marketing firms have moved toward the core of strategic marketing and are involved in marketing- and advertising-based campaigns from the get-go, rather than the back end or not at all.

Take Titanium Success "Titanium Live" event, a 3 day revolutionary event that is carefully designed to give you the tools you need to achieve massive results in every area of your life including health, finances, relationship, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment which was rolled out in June 22 across all direct and indirect marketing channels like, Website, SEO, SEM, Digital print, Email Campaigns, Telecalls, Blogs, Social Media etc,. The campaign encouraged both existing customers and new potential prospects throughout California to be part of the Titanium Live event.

In support of the campaign, Leadengine's Marketing team consisting of PR and communications team drove an integrated internal and external communication strategy to ensure the marketing message is consistent across multiple platforms, including the company’s new website, which rolled out the same time as the Connected Marketing campaign. The PR department also created online PR presence to generate interest in the event.

Laser focused on the campaign, Leadengine's Subject Matter Expert, Sri, added “In today’s environment, when we put together programs, PR and marketing are directed towards the same goal: How much success are we having, and how is that activity driving prospects and customers toward the sales funnel? Well, that is exactly what our copyrighted approach called Connected Marketing Strategy stands for and the below snapshot proves it”

He goes on to add, "When you take a campaign to market and are trying to position Client's brand as a thought leader, you need something meaningful to talk about, and you need to be ahead of the latest marketing channels, that’s where PR should be way ahead of everybody else. We lay a lot of focus on learning our clients needs, expectations, ultimate objectives and issues which is built into potential marketing campaigns and products.”

If you have a live event coming up or you have specialized needs on Marketing, feel free to write to us or, Skype us for a face to face discussion. We will rock your business, thats a promise! :)

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