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How to hire an Online Marketing, Lead Generation Expert?

There might have been a lot of times when you must have wondered what it would be like to hire an online-marketing expert or outsource your marketing/sales to an outsider and, however scary or forbidden the idea may seem, it definitely has its pros.

But, now comes the question, what is it that you should look for in an online marketing expert should you decide to hire one. Let me help you with that.

 To begin with, a capable and successful online marketing company (OMC) should understand your business and its needs. You don’t need a cookie-cutter solution to your business. Every business is different and has its own strengths and weaknesses and this OMC should provide you with a strategy designed especially for you and keeping your company goals in mind.

 They should definitely be ones who are transparent in all their dealings. They should be open about the strategy they have chosen to adopt, the reasoning behind it, the project timelines, the fees structure, number of people working on it, the reporting structure and how they will report the progress to you, to say the least. You wouldn’t want to get rude surprises when all you expected was result.

 Your brand image is the most valuable marketing asset that your company owns. It is your #1 salesperson, connecting with people 24/7/365. They should be able to not only manage your brand image in the process but also enhance it by connecting well with your existing and potential customers and trying to give them the best solution, instead of just trying to sell. This will sure help the business in the long run.

 It is also paramount that they are Result-Oriented. Ask them what results they predict and if you can have weekly update calls with them to see how the project is going. Any genuine firm would not shy away from reporting or tracking their marketing goals. Ask for it.

 It is also necessary that the person assigned to work on your project has great communication skills especially if you are outsourcing work to non-natives. You can ascertain this by having calls with the people who are working or going to work on your project. The expert must be able to communicate effectively with you and your customers.

 The OMC should be fairly experienced in the subject they claim to know. You can ask for references of past projects or testimonials of clients they have worked with in the past. This is because experienced experts understand how the market is, the likely challenges to be faced and how to overcome them.

 They should be not be ones throwing technical jargons at you in a smoke and mirror effect but instead should be able to explain a concept that they are suggesting and guide you on metrics that your business should track instead. They should be able to share past examples, if any, of the strategy they have chosen and how those initiatives impacted that particular business. Your online marketing company should be your teacher, your trusted advisor, and partners that bring ideas to you.

Knowledge is power. You want to work with an online marketing company that enlightens and empowers you.

If they can pass this litmus test, you know your marketing is in good hands. You want to make sure that your marketing dollars are going to get a solid return.

As a Lead Generation and Online Marketing company, Leadengine has taken pleasure in being these and much more to our clients. We not only use our years of experience and Connected Marketing Strategy to help our clients achieve remarkable results but we also have clients who vouch for our expertise like James Rector of Truth Teacher Services in this video.

Truth Teacher Services is a US-based recruitment agency that helps schools hire talented teachers. When Truth Teacher Services first signed up with Leadengine, they were looking for someone who could manage their brand on Social Media.

At that time, they were experiencing difficulty connecting with the right person in schools around Asia to do business with. They were also on lookout for teachers to hire for the schools they were already doing business with and were experimenting with multiple platforms including online university job portals and social media and career fairs.

We helped them generate a buzz on Social Media especially LinkedIn and build a community of 1000+ connections including experienced teachers, graduates and well-known international schools that were keen to do business with them. We also helped them create a brand on Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. With time, as they experienced our expertise, they also asked us to manage their lead generation online.

We not only helped them get in touch with more schools in Asia that were willing to do business with them but also helped them explore greener pastures across Middle East and other countries.

With time, their brand image on Social Media has flourished as has their network of connections and it is helping them expand their business interests today. We are glad to have been a part of their journey of growing as a business and wish them luck in all their endeavors.

If you too would like to experience growth through our Sales and Marketing strategies, feel free to write back to us at or connect with us on Skype at srivats3852 and we would be glad to help..

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