Targeted LinkedIn Outreach. Period.

"This team has been fanatic to work with on announcing our events to his groups. All the dates and times were agreed without any problems and send accordingly, of which the announcements were very effective for us."


- Kathryn Wilson, Director, Global Marketing, Innovation Enterprise


Location, Position, Function, Interests, Industry specific outreach.

1000+ Leads Generated


Notifications, Announcements, Title wise Messaging, Polls etc.

Forums & C level Groups Focus


Content specific to product or service, Thought  Leadership creation. 

Hundreds of Blogs, Whitepapers Delivered 

Phone/ Email

Phone Follow-ups, Lead Qualification, Opportunity identification & Custom emails, Confirmations etc.,

45 M USD Single Deal Size Identified , Proposed  & Won as a Team

Our Company

Leadengine is a sales acceleration company. Based on our copyrighted approach and processes we have helped startups, mid-size firms and large enterprises in gaining new traction by breaking new grounds, penetrating deeply through our go-to-market strategies faster then their own internal teams*. This is what makes us unique as we stand accountable for the end-to-end delivery of the sales process. Simply put, we bridge the gap between the management and execution. 

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