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Fast Scaling Startup Founders

Manage Key Accounts - Detect and resolve conflicts with clients & employees before they escalate and negatively impact the workplace



- Communication gaps 

- Complexities

- Project deadlines

- Resources 

- Timesheets

- Billing 



- Missing conflicts

- Lack of Support

- Individual needs unmet

- Misjudging emotions

- Burnout danger

Key Account Management - Leveraging us means your billables in your key accounts swells, your relationship becomes stronger and accelerates your growth.

Our proprietary framework ensures that both employees and clients stay happiest and are a top priority!

We help you in -


Spotting conflicts early - Analyzing data can help you catch brewing conflicts before they escalate, preserving team harmony and productivity

Measurable progress - Data helps track the team's progress, making it easy to see what's working and what needs improvement

Data-informed decisions - Managers can make more confident, informed choices when they're backed by data, leading to better outcomes

Proactive problem-solving - Data-driven management lets you identify potential issues before they become big problems, ensuring smoother operations

Unbiased feedback - Relying on data for feedback means being objective, driving performance improvements without personal bias

Our report weekly and quarterly will emphasize on frustrations, comm gaps, recommendations, feelings, needs etc., 


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