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About Leadengine:

We are a sales acceleration company. We help startups and businesses in penetrating domestic and international markets faster through highly accurate segmentation and targeting and offers real value in terms of - Data Research, Campaign related messaging, Inside Sales, Sales and Connected Marketing. We are the only company that takes responsibility for the sales targets/numbers. 

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Dear Candidate:

It is with great pleasure that Leadengine offers you the position of Trainee Associate Consultant. 

This is a full-time position that is not eligible for moonlighting or working elsewhere part time or doing one-off gigs on freelance platforms. Initially during the training period you have to bill 48 hours in a workweek. We are offering you a starting base wage of  INR 333 per day paid on a monthly basis amounting to 10,000 INR.

Your incentives and bonuses put together is upto 2.5 Lacs per quarter that is paid to you completely based on your market research and sales performance during the completion of next quarter i.e during the 6th month, 7th & 8th Month respectively. Necessary TDS will be deducted while paying the amount. 

2.5 Lacs per quarter * 4 Quarters = 10 Lacs Incentives/Bonuses 

Your Monthly Billed Amount will be = 10000 INR

This job offer is CONTINGENT upon the following: 

Sharing Proofs of the same is MUST -


  • Must have a working, fast booting laptop with minimum 10mbps broadband connection.

  • Completion of a satisfactory background check.

  • Passing a full body check up test.

  • Satisfactory results in an English or a regional language proficiency test.

  • Execution of an employment/non-compete/confidentiality agreement.

  • Show innovation through experiments at the end of the training period to get confirmed in addition to the best performance in the role.

  • You don't perform, learn slowly, you will be terminated the same day. 

  • We take code of conduct and ethics very seriously, any breach you will be terminated and your payments will be forfeited.

  • College ID Card, One Photo, Aadhar, Pan Card copy submission is must 

  • If you accept the offer letter and do not join, we will get you blacklisted in our database. You have a choice to either accept or decline. Also, you will never be hired at Leadengine.

  • You have supplementary in any subjects, no problem, you can work with us and pass the exam as and when its due but you will be only TRAINEE  till then. Only when you pass and share exam results, certificates, will you be eligible for a confirmation.

  • You cannot share this offer letter to anyone outside your family or send it electronically to anyone, this is confidential and part of the NDA that you sign when you accept the offer.

  • If you join and quit within 3 months or abscond, your salary, benefits, incentives; if any will all be forfeited and a termination letter will be issued to you, sent by courier to your physical address mentioned in your aadhar, driving license, college ID.

  • You cannot work for our competitors, clients or ask for a job within our client environments, manipulate the situation to your advantage and seek relieving - If you do any of the above, Leadengine reserves the right to terminate your, file a court case against you and seek compensation for spoiling reputation and damages and will make the information public. We will share the same with your new employer.

  • Obtaining a Driving License is add-on skill that you build for yourself and is must at Leadengine. 

  • Obtaining Domain certifications is add- on skill too! 

  • All experiments that you work on, contribute to, are and will be the work product of Leadengine and we will remain the eternal owners of that IP. You cannot conduct, share or do similar experiments outside Leadengine or with any other new employer.

I have read and understood the provisions of this offer of employment, and I accept the above conditional job offer.

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