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As the world's most unique and out-of-the-box sales acceleration company, Leadengine, is rated #1 by the Founders, Entrepreneurs in the IT Industry, both services and platforms. 


We are the ONLY company that chases sales results and not leads. 

Due to the success of the organization, many of the largest companies including Incubators, VCs in the world have formed global alliances and partnerships with Leadengine for helping organizations and start-ups succeed faster.  

Leadengine, strictly by invitation, is currently accepting applications from motivated, entrepreneurial-minded individuals for new franchise openings in high-growth markets. 


Leadengine will train Franchisee to capitalize on this growth opportunity and become a professional Sales Acceleration Consultant.

Leadengine Franchise Ads 

We are expanding to 75 locations in India!

Why Leadengine Franchise?

  • Proven, scalable business with recurring revenue 

  • Unlimited earning potential from multiple revenue streams (Inside Sales, Sales, Marketing, Content, Website, Social)

  • Flexible Hours

  • Unapproachable competitive stronghold over the marketplace

  • MoUs & Partnerships with Venture Accelerators - IvyCamp & T-Hub, Incubation Cells (IITs) & Industry Start-up  investors, partners 

  • Low Overheads

  • Office Based


Franchise Support

  • Ongoing support with personal success coach

  • Full Training support

  • Operational Support

  • Sales Support

  • Marketing & advertising support

  • Pre & post launch support


Benefits to Franchisee

  • Excellent returns on investment

  • Opportunity to become part of Leadengine network of men and women of all backgrounds

  • Complete access to successful business model

  • Right to use established brand name




Minimum Investment - INR 15 Lacs 

Type of Channel: DSA (Tier 1 & Tier 2 License Only) 

Investment - INR 15 Lacs - 30 Lacs (Franchise Fee Included)

Area Requirement



Initial Minimum Square Feet Requirement - 800-1000 Sq.Ft for Sales Office with a Reception & Conference Room with Phone, Large LCD TV, Laptop with Internet connectivity. Interior design specs will be given by us.


* Must be in a Commercial complex or within IT parks


Expansion Locations



Total 75 Locations in India (Both Tier 1, Tier 2 & 3)


Franchise Term & Fee



Standard Agreement - 3 Years

Names - Your City/State will be included in your business name registration. For example, Leadengine Delhi will be you and all billing will happen via "Leadengine" brand name and you will be paid the commissions/payments recieved. 

Operate Under - Leadengine Brand name and website with no other identity or website

New Projects - Leadengine will also Source, Discuss, Win and Distribute. Strictly your city/state business (all Hq'ed) is yours! 

Success Methodology, Tools, Processes - All copyrighted processes, Tools, Proprietary methods including strategy and execution plan will be shared by Leadengine for the Franchise to succeed in satisfying clients with agreed end results. Standard operating kit with all details will be shared. 

Franchise Fee - 18 Lacs for Tier 1 City Franchise & 9 Lacs for Tier 2 City Franchise for the 1st Year with 15% Increase starting second year till tenure

Return on Investment  - Franchise can see minimum 10 to max 20 times of the investment. (Average deal size - 15-25 Lacs per contract)

Commissions - 40-50% of the sales contract value 

Focus of Franchise - Impeccable deliverability of results / Contract longevity / Setting up teams inside clients organization, Attending events, conferences, meet ups and liaising with CII, Nasscom and other industry / startup specific events to ensure a slew of leads for continuous project pipeline and sales.

Execution Methodology - Leadengine will be Client Facing, Relationship managing SPOC, Franchise will be the Delivery SPOC


One Franchise per Tier 1 or Tier 2  (No Compromise). Cannot be clubbed together since focus here is the key. 

Other contractual terms, conditions will be part of the licensing agreement and are industry standard. Franchise agreements will be executed by Leadengine lawyers in Chennai. 




*Franchising / Distribution Commenced On June, 2018

*Country/Region Wise Licenses - Not included

Our Company

Leadengine is a sales acceleration company. Based on our copyrighted approach and processes we have helped startups, mid-size firms and large enterprises in gaining new traction by breaking new grounds, penetrating deeply through our go-to-market strategies faster then their own internal teams*. This is what makes us unique as we stand accountable for the end-to-end delivery of the sales process. Simply put, we bridge the gap between the management and execution. 

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