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Campaign - Video Production Company - AU. IND.

Campaign Messaging, Industry Targeted, Titles & Offering


Geo - India 1st Phase, Australia - 2nd Phase, 3rd Phase - Worldwide

Offering - Product Videos | Brand Videos | Corporate Video Production

Industry Type & Size - Real Estate, Construction, Online & Offline Jewelry  |  Established, Branded, Known with Budgets 


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Campaign Messaging -

 TeleSales Pitch:


Target Audience - Real Estate, Construction, Online & Offline Jewelry 

Target Title - Founder, CEO, Directors, Board Members

Target Offering -  Product Videos | Brand Videos | Corporate Video Production

Target Industry Type - D2C

 Pitch - Telephone / Mobile


Hi Arun!


This is Srivats and I run Video Production Innovation at Voyage Productions. Would you have 30-seconds for me to introduce  voyage's dedicated corporate filmmaking experience with proven skill catering to the video communication needs of companies like yourselves?


Go ahead / OK / I have 30-seconds / Yes, tell me - Positive 


We create artistic corporate videos with smart messaging that can dramatically improve your reach, recall, and ROI. 


By the way, do you use a corporate video production company right now or, you work with a agency?

  • CVPC

  • Agency

  • I haven't tried one!

  • We are looking for a replacement, currently not happy 

  • We are OK, No needs, we already work with, Not now, etc., 

For our real estate/ Jeweler client, we have successfully made - 

 - Digital films/TVCs

-  Corporate videos

- Real estate / Jewelry Showcase

- Presentation Videos


I am curious to learn the challenges that you are facing {Based on the above reply} -

  • Challenge 1 - Is your current video company effective? How effective? ROI?  

  • Challenge 2 - How do you manage new campaigns? Is messaging provided by you or, them?

  • Challenge 3 - What other services you need?

  • Challenge 4 - Are you open to a pilot and a long term strategic agreement based on the success of the pilot?

  • Challenge 5 - Are you the sole decision maker? 

  • Challenge 6 - How soon are you planning to start? 

  • Challenge 7 - Are you open to meeting face to face? 


Is it ok if I schedule 30-minutes this Friday via Zoom or Meet at 12 noon your time - First Call, Subsequently, we will meet F2F?


What would you like to see during this call - All that we spoke above or something very specific? 


Great! Let me send you the invite. 


Thank you and have a great day!

Srivats / Team Member 


Voyage Email Pitch (TBsent ONLY when we establish a connect!

Subject Line - Yardi Core & Elevate  

Pitch - Email


Hi John!


This is Srivats and I run Corporate Video Production Innovation at Voyage.  


I am writing to see if you would have 15-minutes for us to discuss your  Digital films/TVCs, Corporate videos, Showcase needs for improving your firm's productivity and overall operational, sales performance.

As a artistic, highly adept creative and corporate video production company, we take care of the entire process of making a corporate video from start to finish. This includes working on every detail comprising concept, script, storyboard, casting, video shoot, animation, and post-production.


Can we schedule a google meet on Tuesday, 13th September at 12 PM your time?  


Please invite all stakeholders for us to take a deep dive during the walk-through.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you,

Srivats / Team Member

Voyage Productions

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