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Campus Drive

@ Annai Veilankanni College For Campus Hiring on 10th September


About Leadengine:

We are a sales acceleration company. We help startups and businesses in penetrating domestic and international markets faster through highly accurate segmentation and targeting and offers real value in terms of - Data Research, Campaign related messaging, Inside Sales, Sales and Connected Marketing. We are the only company that takes responsibility for the sales targets/numbers. 

Campus Drive is for - 
- 100 Spot Offers
- Tech & Non Tech Streams
- Regional, English Language Proficiency
- Training at our New Offshore Execution Center
- Remote First Company
- 4 Days Work Week Post Confirmation
- Flat Hierarchy, Fast Career Growth
- Sector Wise Domain Expertise
- Experience & Be Part of - 400+ Practice Areas, 200+ Geos, 1000+ Trending Themes
- Free Chocolates, Refreshments, Lunch & Dinner @ Office
- High Incentives & Bonus
- Experiments & Innovation Led Culture

Learn about our Culture
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Focus is Everything!

Criteria for hiring? 
- You submit your resume, max 2 pages 
- One photograph with white background
- A color copy of your college ID CARD printout  
- Your previous semester marksheet printout B&W 
- You learn about us - a 2-minute intro by you about - 

            - Yourself {in Tamil, Hindi or English}
            - About us, who we are according to you?
- Must be open, honest, confident and well-spoken 
- You explain what's your stream 
           - Why you chose it? 
           - Was that your decision or, your parents?
- What experiments have you done?
- What is your hobby?
- What's the one thing that you want to see changed in your life?
- Narrate an incident where you were -
         - Truthful
         - Lied to make people believe
- What according to you is happiness?
- How do you define success? 
- How quick do you learn? 
       - Fast learner 
       - Needs help
       - Likes to learn, will persist
       - Let go, not really of interest!
       - Ok, if I learn slowly
       - Lets live test - See which option you actually fall into?
- Where exactly did you intern? 
- Once selected, your picture will be live on our website About Us page, is that agreeable? Ok with you?
-  What if you are asked to choose between -
        - Work at home, analytical thinking, write, join meetings
        - Work at client site, more of a doer attitude, shake things up, learning new,            - Cutting edge technology, run the relationship
        - Which one will you choose and why?
- What's more a priority for you - Money or Fame?
- Can you spell names and roles of Leadengine team members in-front of you?
- Who is a founder, co-founder, investor? 
- What's the difference between a public, private, angel and VC led company?
- Speak about our culture for a minute.
- Why do you want to work with us?

      - 3 positives and
      - 3 insights that we could work on!
- Which one according to you is true? You have a - 
      - A best friend!
      - Lot of friends
      - No friends
      - You are likeable and they are all your friends
- You will be friends with -
     - A humorous person
     - A professional, very reserved person
     - A learner, jovial, all seasons person

- Can you share 3 synonyms and antonyms each for -
     - Integrity
     - Ethics

- Final Question, Which one is unbearable and why?

      - Heat
      - Cold
      - Steam  

If you indeed have passed this test, you are one of us! 

Welcome on Board!

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