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Business Model

Why you MUST work with us!

About Leadengine:

We are a sales acceleration company. We help startups and businesses in penetrating domestic and international markets faster through highly accurate segmentation and targeting and offers real value in terms of - Data Research, Campaign related messaging, Inside Sales, Sales and Connected Marketing. We are the only company that takes responsibility for the sales targets/numbers. 

Why you must work with us?

We take sales ownership and work very closely with startups, businesses founding chief executive and technical teams to make sales happen. We are an extended arm that works with them on a daily basis via google meet calls, inperson meetings if based locally, operating in a highly transparent manner. 

How do we price?
We are a company that appreciates efforts as sales is all about it! If the messaging is right, and data is accurate, leads will happen, if leads are the result of efforts then tangible results will be sales as money in the bank. Hence, we charge a fixed fee per month for the efforts that's based on the sales targets and a variable fee on every closed sale. We do not work on success fee based models or freemium models. 

How soon can the startups see sales success?
Based on the deal size, within 90-days, startups will see sales happening from the day of the kickoff. All this is a specialized sell as it needs technical brilliance clubbed with sales acumen. We bring sales acumen and get decision makers with a definite need and work with startups tech teams to bring the sale home!

How do we engage?
We do a paid pilot for 6-Months with an agreed sales target to be achieved. Based on the success, the new contract will be of 24-months. 

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